Evolving Plans

This post is long overdue.  Since March, our lives, as are most, have been in flux and we have been learning the art of patience, flexibility, and emotional wellbeing.  2020 seems a year that has and will continue to provide challenges that we must face. 

We are sad to share that our expedition teammate and friend, Meagan, had to make the difficult decision to no longer pursue the expedition.  We have been holding this news close to heart until now, as it has been a difficult and emotional change to wrap our minds around.  While we are grieving the loss of Meagan on the team, we love and support her completely in her decision.   We are so grateful to have had her as a part of the team while we did and are so grateful for her continued support and friendship. 

We are sure that you are all wondering now, is someone else joining the team?   At this point in time, we are still having discussions and figuring out how to move forward from here as a team.  Our intention at this point in time is to still fill out our team with a forth.  For the time being, we will remain a trio and continue moving forward with our plans.

While that may seem like the biggest news we could possibly share, we have more.   Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the current risk the virus poses to the remote communities we would be traveling through, we have chosen to postpone our expedition to January 2022.  As you can imagine, this decision was incredibly difficult to make.  Rest assured, we remain completely committed to the expedition, its mission, and our dogs!  We are viewing this extra time as an opportunity to dial in our systems, better prepare our dogs and ourselves, and to build closer relationships with our sponsors and the communities we intend to visit along the way.

While we have been faced with some unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances, we are still standing strong!  Anna, Nora, and Sammie having been living at “the compound”, which has made socially distancing a breeze with 40 acres to roam, a lake to enjoy, and trails to explore. We’ve fallen into a good routine, where Anna ensures that we all stay alive by eating well balanced meals–cooking is not Nora or Sammie’s strong suit. The dogs are enjoying their summer vacation and have experienced swimming for the first time in an effort to keep cool–there were mixed reviews from them on this experience… And now, we are headed into fall and getting ready to ramp up on early morning runs in the cool autumn air!

We are continually grateful for each other and the support and space we are able to provide one another. And, we are continually grateful for the support from the community of friends and family that surround us. 

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