Strawing Season

Snow is on the ground and ice is on the lakes, which means fall has officially ended. This is fantastic news for our dogs, who due to below freezing temperatures have been able to run regularly. They love the cooler weather, and so do we. Winter means breaking out the heavy layers that have been stuffed away for a year, refining plans for our next training trip in February, and gearing up for the holiday season. We’ve been setting the mood by watching lots of cheesy Christmas movies, but this past week we also celebrated a less well-known event… the first strawing of the dogs!

The wooden dog houses we use in the yard are comfortable for our huskies in the spring, summer, and fall, but in the winter time when the mercury starts to drop, we add a little extra insulation. Enough fresh straw is lined along the inside flooring of the dog houses for the huskies to bed down in, but with enough space for them to be able to move around, enter, and exit easily. The straw is changed throughout the winter season as it gets packed down and soiled, and a fresh bed of straw is like a warm, comfy blanket for our dogs. Of course, every dog has a unique personality and their own preferences–some that run warmer will kick the straw out of their house and even prefer sleeping in the snow, while others cuddle up inside and only emerge for feeding or running. Wherever they fall on the spectrum, the first strawing of the season is an exciting event and the dogs go bonkers for the renovation.

Maverick is all smiles after her fresh straw bed is laid down.
Jedeye peaks out of his freshly strawed house to say, “thanks!”
Katara is too energetic to lay down in the fresh straw, but that doesn’t stop her from sniffing through it all.

As our team continues to solidify our winter plans–nailing down our winter employment, refining our expedition systems, and getting our dogs in peak performance condition–we will continue to update you on our progress. After all, strawing season isn’t just an exciting time for the dogs… It means it’s once again cold enough for us humans to do what we love most! Stay tuned for exciting next steps: stickers, our Christmas card, and the construction of our sled, all coming soon.

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